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Adult Entertainment & Sex Club. A person dedicated to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living»

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Adult Entertainment & Sex Club. A person dedicated to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living»

Adult Entertainment With Class

You strive. We think you’re eligible to play difficult!

Come enjoy it. Spend playtime with lovely women. xxxstreams webcams Entertain your customers and company lovers with style and class at a discreet men club in Cape Town.

Party and have fun with those as you!

The Meaning Of EPICURE

Gentlemen Club Cape Town

EPICURE could be the amount of exclusive style, classy adult activity and superior solution.

Our concept is unique. We have been significantly more than a strip club or revue club, yet we do not provide a lap party. Our company is more advanced than the usual swinger brothel or club. EPICURE is in fact the adult that is ultimate, a discreet intercourse club combining the very best components of a few of these.

EPICURE is really A gentlemen that is private club which plays by a unique guidelines. Go ahead and be uninhibited and show your self. Have pleasure in the discreet pleasures that open-to-the-public pubs and restaurants prohibit.

Chill and communicate with other heterosexual couples. Get yourself a suite and bring your experience to a different degree. Hot intercourse is exactly what you prefer? EPICURE supplies a tasteful adult playground, where you are able to simply take your playmate.

Sex Dates

Why endure the walk of pity away from certainly one of Cape Town’s resorts that will not appeal to the choice lifestyle?

EPICURE welcomes you to definitely bring your spouse, your secretary, your buddy with advantages or Tinder date to try out. You both just spend admission and play. You may also obtain a suite (present rates use), stay instantaneously and conclude your date any way you like with a deluxe break fast next morning. Start thinking about EPICURE an escort-friendly resort. Keep with a grin, rather than the walk of shame!


EPICURE has a various philosophy than other adult groups. You are welcome to bring your separate escort to relax and play. Or bring an escort woman or intercourse escort from an escort agency to celebration.

We cooperate by having an escort system. THE ESCORT AGENCY usually provides escorts for the guests. Other escort agencies and their escorts are welcome to try out during the club too. If you’re an escort representative, speak to us at

Luxury Companions

Take pleasure in the alternative lifestyle. Enjoy adult that is tasteful, given by the best escorts in Cape Town. EPICURE Gentlemen Club Cape Town. Create memories that are lasting!

Menage a trois

We additionally focus on partners that could want to spice up their sex-life. A Menage a trois, or perhaps a threesome, may be what a doctor recommended. Consider EPICURE once the pharmacy to fill your prescription. Test in an elegant, enjoyable, and protected climate. We are able to arrange attractive and discreet man or woman escorts whom are thrilled to fool around with partners. We could create your dreams become a reality.

EPICURE is a grownup play ground, not really a dedicated BDSM dungeon (this may alter with sufficient need). Nevertheless, you’ll live out your fetish here. We have been pleased to host your occasion.

Bachelor Events

We host the coolest Bachelor Parties in Cape Town — club none. No Restrictions. You’ll find nothing more to say. EPICURE is your location whenever you want significantly more than a lap party.

Bachelorette Parties

If you wish to have significantly more fun than operating down longer Street appearing like an idiot, you ought to contact we for bachelorette party tips. This evening should always be unique for the bride — and her bridesmaids and buddies. EPICURE Gentlemen Club Cape Town is going to make it happen.


All of us have actually dream and our fantasies. At the very least we wish you do. Possibly some dreams should stay fantasy just. Other dreams should absolutely be resided away. Generate experiences and memories at our discrete club that is private.

Call us to talk about your opinions and desires. Our imaginative group would be thrilled to talk about your thinking and tell you that which we can organize for your needs.


What goes on at EPICURE, remains at EPICURE.

  • We now have a strictly enforced policy that is no-photo.
  • We lack video security cameras.

Discreetness and privacy are fully guaranteed.

Minimal Age

It will talk for it self that there surely is an age that is minimum admission up to a men club. Age as of this place is scheduled at 21 years. ID’s are checked. We do not care if other groups have let you in. There’s absolutely no exclusion. Admission is reserved.

Sex Videos

We promote on red velvet escort along with other escort system internet web sites. If you discovered your self on this web site searching for intercourse videos or intercourse photos, then we hate to disappoint you. You certainly will neither find free intercourse videos on this website, nor intercourse gifs, intercourse tales if not an escort profile that is single. This platform is certainly not a digital globe. EPICURE is really a intercourse club, element of an escort system, providing you with pleasure and fantasy in real world.

You may find a lovely escort or two, and settle your sex addiction for the day with the finest adult entertainment in Cape Town if you decide to visit our adult playground in person.

Alternate Lifestyle Events

If you should be enthusiastic about exclusive alternative lifestyle parties, take a good look at AVEC PLAISIR. This occasion management business organizes exclusive, kinky parties throughout the world.

Occasion Venue

We love events, and events that are cool basic. This men club may be Cape Town’s coolest event place, with stunning views, a designer pool that is swimming five personal rooms for next degree partying. If you’re interested in different things and would like to create memories, e mail us to talk about employing EPICURE since the occasion location for the personal occasion or celebration.


We now have a separate safety team which guarantees the security and safety of most visitors at any one of our activities. Party with peace of mind.

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